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We know how demanding a clinic is, how valuable your time is, and the quality of service and care a patient requires. With over 15 years of experience to guarantee our knowledge and expertise in the medical field, we understand a medical provider’s daily challenges and needs in each of the areas in which we focus.

Whether it's primary care, specialty care, or dentistry, we speak your language and understand how our services can affect and improve your outcomes.With customer experience solutions or back office solutions, we are ready to help you. Let us be part of your team!

Los Angeles
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Primary care

We understand the needs of a primary care office and our team is ready to assist with your back office responsibilities. We know it is a constant challenge for healthcare practices and physician groups, particularly for larger primary care medical practices experiencing a high volume of patient calls. From lab results, prescription refills, appointment scheduling, and more, Access Health has the right schedulers at the right time with the right skill set to serve all your appointments and other patient needs. We work in your scheduling system following your rules, protocols, and procedures. Our team eliminates long holds, abandoned calls, and voicemail messages. We deliver concierge service as an extension of your office – expertise coupled with a caring voice and emphatic to patient needs.


Our team is trained to assist any type of administrative duties. We know that as a primary care provider you refer patients for exams, or to specialty providers. Our team can process referrals and make sure patients know where they are being referred to. Our team will also process the authorization through the patients’ insurance carrier. We also understand incoming faxes can be overwhelming – seeing faxes pile up and not being managed in a timely manner can be stressful. Our team processes each fax coming in and takes care of the fax based on the protocols and procedures we have for your department. We handle all data entry services you need. As a healthcare professional, your time is valuable. Let us help you focus on providing premium patient care, while we take care of all your administrative tasks. We want to simplify everything you do, so you can focus on practicing medicine and caring for your patients!

Los Angeles

As an extension of your team, let us help with all your administrative duties. We are ready to assist with answering inbound calls, making outbound calls, scheduling new or return patient appointments, follow up reminders, and re-scheduling no show appointments. Our team of experts are skilled in handling insurance verifications and insurance authorizations for any type of procedures, surgeries, clinic visits, medication and DME authorizations. Our team can coordinate all new patient referrals – once a new patient referral hits your office, our team will reach out to the patient to coordinate the appointment. Access Health schedulers will make sure to have all relevant information, including earlier workup such as labs, Rx, imaging results, doctor notes, and reason for consult/referral. Access Health admins are experts in data processing of clinical records, medical prescription records, test records, medical insurance claim forms, medical claim data validation, patient information, billing & accounts, administration support, follow-up claims, or network claim forms. Our experienced staff can handle all the data efficiently using advanced technologies. Once we receive outside records for your patients, we accurately upload and index them to the patient's medical chart. 

We would love to be part of your team. Outsourcing in the healthcare industry establishes a streamlined business process to handle large volumes of back-end tasks. In return, you reap the long-term benefits of a reduced overall cost, increased accuracy and efficiency, and a quick turnaround.

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Specialty care

Los Angeles

As an extension of your team let us help with all your administrative duties. We are ready to assist with answering inbound calls, making outbound calls, scheduling new and returning patients appointments, follow up reminders and re-scheduling no show appointments. We also offer data entry services for all your clinic needs. Keeping up with the ever-increasing daily volume of faxes and scanned medical records is a major burden on even the lightest days.


Our team can streamline your patient enrollment process. We handle enrolment of new and existing patients. Check details of the demographics including insurance information and confirm all required information has been captured. By outsourcing your appointment scheduling, our team can handle your follow-up appointments, re-scheduling, and make sure your dental office can focus on what needs to be focused on. Failing to check a patient's eligibility is one of the main reasons for dental claims denial. Outsourcing insurance verification or eligibility checks and getting your procedures authorized before the patient is seen will ensure that you are reimbursed quickly. Our verification checklist is extensive and is customizable.


We can gather verifications for everything from:


  • The dates for which the coverage is effective

  • The dental codes for the procedure to be performed

  • The waiting period which may be required for certain procedures to ensure they are covered

  • The type of plan and the fee schedules

  • Maximums and deductibles

  • Necessary documentation

  • Last date of service

  • Information for claim submission: phone number, address, payer ID, and fax number

  • Coverage percentage by category

  • Coverage for tooth implant / tooth grafting / crowns, cleanings, and build-ups

  • Frequencies for panoramic and full mouth x-rays


Our team can assist in taking a large load off administrative staff and can help your office staff focus on more impactful business activities.

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Dentist care

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