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How it works

Implementation process overview

Access Health provides a streamlined implementation process that allows you to implement our product quickly and seamlessly into your current processes and systems. Our approach is managed in several phases to ensure all milestones and deliverables stay on track, resulting in a smooth transition from beginning to end.

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Define project plan with deadlines and milestones for implementation

Identify vision and mission

Document Vision Statement 

Review of existing workflows and procedures 

Identification of specific software and applications for learning and documentation 

Agents identified based on client needs


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Meet with appropriate staff members to build clinic protocols and guidelines for Access Health Staff use

Scripting built out

System training schedule 

Shadowing/observing office staff to understand day to day operations


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System training completed, and users created with all necessary logins and passwords

Agents trained on scripts, processes, and clinic protocols and guidelines

Round One: internal and external mock calls

Additional training and process adjustments as needed

Round Two: internal and external mock calls


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Continued monitoring of processes and agent call handling 

Recurring meeting with client to Review reporting as well as client and agent feedback

Quarterly reviews of overall program health and opportunities for continued growth and improvement


Post go-live communications

• Client dictates the cadence of communications daily
• Communications on escalations, questions, etc.

• Metrics reporting
• Tactical meetings
• Key client operations staff meet with the contact center leadership
• Review tactical issues (Process changes, opportunities for improvement, etc.)


• Metrics reporting
• Customer success meetings
• Review KPIs with key client staff and contact center leadership.

Quality assurance

• Qualitative review agent’s performance
• Weekly scoring of agents/supervisors
• Silent monitoring of live calls
• Listen to recorded calls
• Meaningful feedback and concrete examples of how to 
improve interactions with client’s




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